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Fresh Basil

Mild Flavor of anise and spice
  • Any tomato foods, juice, tomato sauce, soup, fresh
  • Egg dishes
  • Use when cooking fish in liquid or in butter to serve with fish
  • With beef, liver, veal, lamb, pork, spaghetti, stuffing, meat marinades
  • Poultry stuffing, sprinkle on poultry before baking or roasting
  • Salads - French dressing, in vinegar over sliced cucumbers
  • Soups - Minestrone, split pea, spinach soup, boullion
  • Vegetables - carrots summer squash, green beans
  • Other - Italian dishes, pastas, rice
Dried Bay Leaves
Bay Leaves

Strong aromatic, pungent flavor.
(Sweet Bay or Laurel)
  • Bouillon, when cooking corned beef, ham to use as cold meats (use sparingly)
  • Cooking tongue, beef, pot roasts, stews (use sparingly)
  • Chicken dishes
  • Soups - vegetable beef, chicken broth, split pea
  • Vegetables - with artichokes, boiled potatoes, pickled beets
Fresh Dill

Sharp aromatic, caraway-like flavor
  • Minced fresh - Louis dressing for crab, smoked fish, cheese spreads
  • Fish sauces (tartar or cream)
  • When cooking broiled chops, steaks (remove before serving)
  • Creamed chicken
  • Salads - with sour cream over cucumbers, pickled beets, in potato salad (finely chopped), tossed green salads
  • Soups - fish soups, chowders, vegetable soups
  • Vegetables - on butter browned potatoes, in peas, with green beans, cabbage, cauliflower

Sweet, spicy flavor, mint after taste
  • In stuffed mushrooms, sautéed mushrooms, with cottage or cream cheese
  • In any sauce to be served with an egg dish
  • Creamed fish dish or sauce for fish, fish stuffing
  • Lamb, beef, veal, venison marinades, game birds, rabbit
  • Poultry - rub over skin before broiling, in stuffing
  • Salads - tossed green
  • Soup - onion, bouillon, clam chowder, mushroom soup
  • Vegetables - Zucchini, stuffed veggies, peas, carrots, spinach, fried potatoes
Fresh Mint

Fruity, aromatic flavor
  • Fruit or wine beverages (hot or cold), fruit cocktails
  • Garnish for fish, beef, veal
  • With lamb as sauce or jelly
  • Poultry - garnish only
  • Salads -
  • Soups - fresh pea soup
  • Vegetables - carrots, peas, green beans, new potatoes (add before serving), cole slaw
Fresh Oregano

Strong clove flavor, slightly bitter
  • Pizza, mushroom dishes, avocado dip
  • Spanish sauces for eggs
  • Fish stuffing, oregano butter to serve with fish, Louis dressing
  • Spaghetti sauces, wild game, mushroom sauces for steak and meat loaf, Mexican dishes
  • Poultry - all game birds, stuffing for turkey, duck, or goose
  • Salads - marinaded green beans, Mexican beans, avocado salad
  • Soups - vegetable, bean, mushroom and spinach
  • Vegetables - mushroom dishes, green beans, onions
Fresh Parsley

Sweet, spicy, somewhat peppery flavor. Curly or plain leaf varieties.
  • Garnish for canapes, in dips and spreads, mixes well with all herbs
  • As seasoning and garnish
  • Tartar sauce, fish stuffing, in butter to serve with fish
  • Stews, braised dishes, butter for steak sauces, stuffing
  • Poultry - in stuffing, as seasoning, for stock, in baking, garnish
  • Salads - Cut up into salads, in green mayonnaise
  • Soups - all soups for flavor and garnish
  • Vegetables - with all vegetables, rice, spaghetti, lemon butter for potatoes, carrots or asparagus

Aromatic, slightly bitter flavor
  • In cheese spreads, on cheese canapes, sage seasoned pastry wrapped around cooked sausage meat
  • Cheese sauces for eggs
  • Fish stuffing
  • In sausage, pork, veal, lamb, stuffing
  • Poultry - in stuffing for all poultry, use in chicken gravy (sparingly)
  • Vegetables - onions, eggplant with cheese

Aromatic, licorice-anise flavor, slightly bitter
  • Cocktails: tomato and fish, in butter for canapes
  • All egg dishes (use lightly)
  • Cheese sauces for eggs
  • All shellfish, fish, tarragon butter or sauce
  • With veal, tarragon butter for steaks
  • Poultry - all varieties (use sparingly)
  • Salads - in vinegar with cucumbers, crab, shrimp, in sour cream dressing
  • Soups - chicken, fish and chowders
  • Vegetables - Vinaigrette sauce for asparagus, artichokes, Hollandaise, marinated cauliflower in tarragon vinegar

Strong, clove-like flavor
  • With strong cheeses, tomato, sauerkraut or mixed vegetable juice cocktail
  • With scrambled or baked eggs (use sparingly) or cheese sauce for eggs
  • All fish, shellfish, chowders, gumbos, fish stuffing, in sauces or butter to serve with fish
  • With all meats (use sparingly), game
  • Poultry - in most poultry seasonings
  • Salads - shredded cole slaw, on sliced tomatoes, pickled beets
  • Soups - tomato, minestrone, clam chowder, gumbo, split pea
  • Vegetables - beans, peas, onions, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, zucchini

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