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Cream Puffs

Sugar Free Cream Puffs


  • 12 Cream Puff shells from store or homemade (Recipe here)

  • 2 Small boxes of sugar-free Instant vanilla pudding

  • 1 Recipe of 'sugar' glaze from Splenda® (Recipe here)


  1. Before beginning have the Cream Puff shells ready and cool.

  2. Following the box directions for making a pie, in a medium sized bowl mix the pudding with milk until thickened.

  3. If the tops of the shells have not been cut, slice across ¼ of the top so that you can lift it off. Spoon pudding into the shell and replace the top. Set the filled puff aside and continue until all the puffs have been filled with pudding.

  4. Drizzle glaze (vanilla or chocolate) on top or dust them with powdered sugar made from Splenda®

  5. Keep refrigerated.

Note: If you are not planning on serving these immediately, do not put the glaze on until you are ready to serve as they tend to get soggy.

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