No Sugar Added Recipes - Sugar Free Diabetic Recipes

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Helpful Tips

Conversion Chart - quickly converts measurements - standard measurements, i.e., cups, food weight to standard cup or tablespoon, Sweet-n-Low, metric, etc. . . . click here to view chart.

Food Chart - Chart of vegetables, fruits, nuts and other foods. What foods you should eat and and how they help keep you healthy . . . click here to view chart.

Vitamin Chart - Chart of top vitamins, how they benefit the body and the main food sources . . . click here to view chart.

Basic Herb Chart - Chart of basic herbs and what foods they go best with . . . click here to view chart.

Party Tips - Helpful guide for food and drink for having a 'cocktail' buffet party . . . click here to view tips. Visit The Pantry for all your party needs..

Helpful Tips

Store cheese in foil to help prevent it from molding.

Keep cilantro fresh by cutting off the ends when you get it home and placing it in a glass of water. It will keep in the refrigerator much longer this way than if stored in the crisper.

Keep a cannister of 'dry' buttermilk on hand. It works just as well in recipes and will keep almost indefinitely in the refrigerator.

Extend a meat loaf by adding Quick Oats into the mix - 1/4 Cup oats for each pound of ground meat.

When using an egg dip for frying - use only the egg white to prevent the food from 'foaming' in the grease.

Keep fresh chicken moist and tasty by soaking for 1/2 hour in cold, salty water before cooking. Use approximately 1 tablespoon salt to 1 gallon water. Be sure to keep chicken covered and in the refrigerator while soaking.

Sweeten up unsweet canteloupe by sprinkling a packet of Sweet & Low® over it. It's best to either slice it or cut it up so you can mix the sweetner around. Using regular table sugar will give a grainy texture to the fruit when eating.

Make those packaged cake mixes taste better - add an extra egg to the batter.

Try using Mexican vanilla - it has a more striking flavor.


Do use real butter when possible - it gives a better flavor and texture.

Do use unsalted butter for dessert recipes and candy

Do keep a shaker of Splenda powdered sugar in the cabinet. It makes a quick garnish for fruit and desserts.

Do add an extra egg to 'off the shelf cake mixes' - it will make then extra moist.

Do use Rice Vinegar insteasd of regular vinegar - it is more flavorful - especially in salads or salad dressings requiring vinegar.


Don't pre-salt leafy salads and they won't wilt. This also applies to cucumber salads and any other salad you want to remain crisp.

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