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Use of the 'I Can't Believe It's Sugarfree' website acknowledges acceptance and understanding of Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept or understand any of the Terms and Conditions, you should not use this site. All recipes, suggestions, and all other content are the sole property of 'I Can't Believe It's Sugarfree' (hereafter referred to as "ICBISF").

None of the recipes nor any of the information contained herein are represented in any way as a means to cure, control or maintain a diabetic diet or diabetes. Any changes, additions, or deletions to any diet, medication or any other means to control any medical condition by any person should be confirmed with their personal physician before using. All visitors to ICBISF should contact their personal Doctor before consuming or using any recipe. Use of any and all of the information contained within this website (ICBISF) is at the discretion and sole risk of the user and ICBISF is not liable or responsible in any way for any injury, illness, death, or any other complication of any condition that may be incurred from use of any recipe or content. Nor is ICBISF liable or responsible for any typing errors, omissions, mis-understanding or misinterpretation, changes to or replacements of any ingredient in any of the recipes or any other presented information.

The contents of this website may include typographical errors, omissions or technical mis-representations. Use of this website and its material is provided without any warranties (expressed or implied) and is at the User's sole risk.

ICBISF AdSense Policy:

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Restrictions - None of the content including but not limited to images, recipes and comments may be reproduced, copied, redistributed, emailed, printed, shared or used for any purpose whatsoever other than personal without the prior written consent of ICBISF. Exception - you may print, email for personal use. ICBISF reserves the right to all content including but not limited to text, recipes, and images and as such may not be converted in any form for any use.

Other - Any recipes, suggestions, ideas, images, graphics, or other information sent, recommended or communicated in any form to ICBISF through this website become the property forever of ICBISF. User also acknowledges that they are solely responsible for any and all material they may submit to ICBISF including but not limited to copyright, reliability, origin, and legality of said information.

Any information communicated to ICBISF (hereafter referred to as 'Submitter') will remain private and confidential. ICBISF reserves the right to use any submitted information received in any form for any use it deems necessary. The use of information submitted may be unlimited. ICBISF will not be held responsible for compensating any 'Submitter' for any monies that may be earned from use of submitted information including but not limited to recipes, recommendations, suggestions, images, or any other kind.

Disclaimer - Use of this site in no way obligates ICBISF or any its advertisers in any way whatsoever. Any responses and answers to inquiries and requests for information are opinions only and are not intended to be considered authoritative. Responses to emails and any other requests for information or questions whether by telephone or letter or any other means are made on our best effort based on information received and ICBISF assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss, monetary or otherwise, or any mis-interpretation that may be incurred or assumed on receipt of ICBISF's responses.

Nor does ICBISF endorse or recommend any product, service or item that may be offered by any third-party person, company, partnership or corporation. ICBISF is not responsible for any misrepresentations of any product, service or item for any reason, nor is ICBISF responsible for any loss, monetary or otherwise, that may be incurred. Visitors to the ICBISF understand, accept and agree that use of ICBISF is solely at their own risk and discretion.

Privacy - ICBISF will not sell, trade or divulge any user or 'Submitter' emails. Use of this page acknowledges that User agrees to receive emails from ICBISF periodically that may contain advertising, promotional or affiliate third party links for the purpose of marketing, selling or any other purpose ICBISF may decide upon.

Liability - ICBISF will not be liable for any injury or damage(s) that may be cause by use of this website to any User, computer or other means of accessing this website. . Nor will ICBISF be responsible or liable for any claims, representations or information supplied by or through any third party links.

Trademarks - All represented Trademarks and Hallmarks are the sole property of their respective owners.

Miscellaneous - ICBISF reserves the right to terminate, change, amend or delete any information at any time without prior notice.

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